Samplified, developer of the world’s first & award winning Hearing as a Service Platform, and Travis the Translator, a global leading mobile platform for high quality Translation Services in real time in 80 languages, are entering into a Strategic Partnership to offer a unique and game changing consumer experience in mobile services.

Rotterdam/Amstelveen, January 5, 2018

Travis and Samplified today announced a strategic partnership whereby Travis will offer clear output improvements in noisy situations by using Samplified’s Award Winning Clementine Wear platform. At the same time, Samplified will be able to offer the best real time translations in 80 languages, corrected for mild-to-moderate hearing loss or extreme noise. Both Travis and Samplified are selected to represent the very best of Dutch Tech at the Holland Pavilion at CES 2018, Eureka Park, led by the Dutch Special Start Up Envoy HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands.

CES 2018 will see many announcements around the use of Virtual Assistants and AI applications. This also means a growing increase of use cases in noisy situations and this is where most Virtual Assistants/AI applications will run into trouble.

The Clementine Wear open audio platform of Samplified recently won the USA National Hearables Challenge, organized by the National Science Foundation. It is the only audio platform in the consumer audio market that delivers proven speech intelligibility improvements for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss and Voice/AI applications. By combining both technologies, the incoming speech will now be processed through the Clementine Wear platform before being offered to the famous Travis AI translation engine. After that, the translation can now be offered with a correction for mild-to-moderate hearing loss or generally for extreme noise.

Travis CEO Brend Kouwenhoven: “This strategic partnership fits perfectly in our ambition to continue to build the best translation platform in the world, we were truly surprised and pleased with the quality improvements that Clementine Wear is able to bring to our Artificial Intelligence voice interface and natural language processing technology”.

Travis and Samplified will both be exhibiting at CES 2018. Both companies are selected as part of the best Dutch start-ups at the Holland Pavillion, booth 50 at Eureka Park, Tech West.


Travis the Translator:                                   

Brend Kouwenhoven, CEO

Samplified Audio:

Mark Kaal, CEO

About Travis The Translator: Travis is a three continent team and growing with head office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and production facilities in Shenzen, China. The team also represents a large majority of the world with team members from nearly every continent. In 2017, Travis launched. In 2017, the company realized U$ 1.7 million on IndieGogo, with 50,000 users and is considered a global leading platform for high quality translation services.

About Samplified: Samplified Audio is also a three continent team, with a head office in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. It’s Clementine platform is the first Augmented Hearing as a Service platform in the world and includes the award winning Clementine Wear embedded open audio platform. Clementine Wear is the winner of the NSF National Hearables Challenge and the only audio platform that has proven it can deliver true speech intelligibility improvement in the consumer audio space.