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An effortless assistent for hearing professionals

Saving hearing professionals time and money, while leveraging your business



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First prize winner of the NSF Hearables Challenge

First product with Clementine Wear inside available on IndieGogo soon!
Find out more on ClementineWear.com

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How do we actually help you save time and money?

Let us explain our 3 ways

#1 We attract new clients!

Clementine increases the amount of qualified referrals.

Attracting new patients can be a difficult and time consuming task. In a lot of cases, expensive advertisement or mailers are used to try to bring people into the clinic for a complimentary hearing test.

The Clementine desktop client is an in-store software platform which runs on any Windows 8 or up device: desktop, laptop, notebook or tablet. It even works on phones! We’ve built in various automated apps, such as hearing tests, TV Amplifier try-before-you-buy apps, calendars, etc. The TV Amplifier Try-before-you-Buy app gives your clients the ability to test TV-amplifiers by way of simulation.

Because all our apps are automated, clients can complete the full screening process themselves! It saves you valuable time and money.

  • Calibrated apps for hearing professionals’ clients
  • Automated apps help to save time and money
  • Less time investment needed
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#2 We increase sales!

You can use Clementine effectively to promote sales.

In our TV Amplifier Try-before-you-Buy app, clients (after taking a screening) can select TV Amplifier products and sound environments and experience for themselves how much they can benefit from these products.

  • Increase your sales
  • Clients can try the products (in simulation)

#3 We make your workflow more efficient!

In most cases, the hearing healthcare professional would already have a very good indication on the plan and instrument that is required for this patient. In other words: Clementine could be used to have people start a trial already at their first appointment because Clementine already has collected so much valuable information. Naturally, proper diagnostics are still required to validate that the indication is correct, so adjustments might still be necessary in some cases.

Here is how Clementine can help you to improve your workflow efficiency:

  • Clementine can run in your office, but also outside in satellite locations.
  • Appointments can be scheduled real time
  • people can take questionnaires that help to identify their needs and lifestyle
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Clementine is an effortless assistant for hearing professionals!

Loaded with awesome apps like Try-before-you-Buy, hearing tests and calendars.
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