Clementine Web Screening:
Screen anyone via your own website!

  • Your own hearing check on your website

  • Screen anyone from their home, user-friendly and reliable

  • Tailored advise and results

  • Up to thousands of new leads per year for your store

  • Offer potential clients tailored advise, without them leaving your website

  • The first step to getting to know a large group of new clients and to building a relationship really start on your website as of now!

Want to know more?

80% of people in your area do not have a solution. Reach them!

According to the WHO 630 million people globally will suffer from hearing loss by 2030. 80% of these people do not have a solution for their hearing loss. These are people in your area as well.
You are there to help them, but how do they become aware of their hearing loss?
We know that they experience barriers to visit your store for the first time.
Clementine is here to help!

From now on people can start becoming aware without the need to leave home. Meanwhile, you can start building a relationship with these people by digitally informing them about their hearing condition.

Will we jointly help people in your area to find a solution for their hearing loss faster and boost their quality of live?

Via your website, you can offer:

  • A fast and user-friendly screening
  • Users can take screenings independently, without any guidance needed
  • Super easy to understand advise (both written and visualized)
  • Immediately schedule an appointment (optional)
  • Available in 8 languages (number of languages is rapidly growing)

The hearing check is super easy to add to your website and collects the information about the potential clients that you want to have for following up and scheduling appointments.

  • Capture any contact information that you want
  • Easy to connect to your website
  • A user-friendly advise for the customer, an audiogram for you

Fast, user-friendly, reliable

The online hearing check makes people to take a fast test, that is reliable. The online hearing checks uses a practical quick way of calibrating the headset that people are using.

The easy to implement web module generate leads for you on your website, of which you’ll receive the contact details and audiogram.

From now on, you can actually start generating leads to your website which lowers the barrier to become aware and take the first step towards your store and towards a solution.

Clementine benefits

  • Reach new clients
  • Easy to use
  • High ROI
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