Amstelveen, February 07, 2018

Clementine Wear impresses ExtremTech writer David Cardinal at CES demo 2018 in writing about Hearing Improvement Technology and new developments following the widely covered Over the Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Act.

In an online article by PCMag sister site ExtremeTech, Samplified Audio’s Clementine Wear demo was mentioned alongside other upcoming hearables demoed at CES 2018 in Las Vegas last month. Following the new OTC Hearing Aid Act, quite a few new hearing improvement tech products are emerging and were tried as CES, but as David puts it: a few stood out.

ExtremeTech writer David Cardinal tried a prototype of NSF Award winning Clementine Wear sound processor and was “very impressed by how well it performed, even on the noisy show floor”.

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Samplified Audio is a three continent team, with a head office in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. It’s Clementine platform is the first Augmented Hearing as a Service platform in the world and includes the award winning Clementine Wear embedded open audio platform. Clementine Wear is the winner of the NSF National Hearables Challenge and the only audio platform that has proven it can deliver true speech intelligibility improvement in the consumer audio space.