Everything your clients need
In their pocket

Do you want to extend your services to your clients mobile device?

Clementine Hearing is a user-friendly mobile app,
available for free in the app-store. It allows customers to:

  • Do free hearing screenings and track their progress

  • Find your store

  • Book an appointment in your calendar

  • Contact you

  • easily order recommended accessories and maintenance products from your store

Easy to book an appointment
In a free timeslot in your agenda

Save time by letting your customers book appointments in your agenda

Customers can easily book an appointment in a free timeslot in your agenda.
Clementine Hearing offers a new integration with your management system so that it perfectly alignes with your current way of working. You can continue to use your agenda like you are used to!

Recommend products personally
as if clients are in your store

With a single click on the button, you can send a personal message
to all your clients and offer them recommended products,
based on their current hearing aid.

Clients appreciate you informing them about the products you offer
that are relevant to them.
Do you want to have your clients walking in with a more specific purpose?

Practice Management Software integration
Easily extend your own clinic to mobile

Clementine Hearing allows for integration with your Practice Management System.
This integration makes it easy and super efficient to offer your services via mobile.

Clients can book appointments directly in a free timeslot in your agenda, under your control.
Pricing of your products can be updated automatically, no need for entering data twice, etc..
The Clementine Hearing mobile app works on both Apple IOS and Android devices.

* Ask your PMS provider if they already support the Clementine integration

And a lot more features
that increase your client experience

  • Clients get access to a list of recommended products. Products that you recommend based on their hearing aid in use, such as accessories, cleaning products, batteries, etc.. They can easily use the app to order these products in your store.
    Will you let them know when you have these products in stock?

  • Clients get access to relevant manuals and instruction videos in the app

  • Clients can see news you want to share with them, without your intervention!