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Looking for an easy to use, stand-alone and low-profile screening solution?

Want to generate leads via hearing games?

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Clementine Pro is an app for hearing professionals running on Windows tablets or desktops. We believe the easiest way to describe how Clementine works is through practical cases rather than a technical description.

We have selected three cases out of a large variety of possibilities.

#1 Qualify referrals

Attracting new patients can be a difficult and time consuming task. In a lot of cases, expensive advertisement or mailers are used to try to bring people into the clinic for a complimentary hearing test. In recent years, touch screen based hearing kiosks have been introduced and they have proven to be effective if combined with the right marketing communication, location and follow up strategy. However those kiosks are fairly expensive, lack flexibility to be easily deployed in a large variety of situations and might need and internet connection at all times. Furthermore, those products are rarely integrated into you practice management system and CRM system.

Clementine changes all this. The Clementine desktop client can run on any windows 8 or higher device: desktop, laptop, notebook or tablet (even windows phones) via mouse or touchscreen. Via the clinics’ access to the gateway, you can select which modules you want to have visible and in what order, you can also adjust text and some layout options.

For instance there is a module we call “Try Before You Buy” that allows people to test TV-amplifiers by way of simulation. If your Clementine version is integrated with a practice management system, you can now store those screening results in NOAH and allow people to make appointments on the screen. You can also add a basic questionnaire , helping you further to qualify this referral. People can email themselves a complimentary report and you can decide which information you would like to receive in return for that. So the result is a referral, qualified through a calibrated screening, that has made an appointment right on the spot and has give you additional information that helps you further to qualify this patient and can save valuable time further in the process as you have stored all the data in NOAH. Now that is a qualified referral…and all this comes inclusive in you low monthly subscription. Instead of doing an expensive mailer or 1 ad, you can spend that same budget for multiple Clementine clients for at least a year. More is less.

  • Built-in Hearing Screener
  • Try Before You Buy-module
  • Practice Management Software integration
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#2 Increase sales!

Increasingly, more practices are seeing that there is an opportunity and often a need to add more product categories besides hearing aids. A lot of the new products in the so-called “hearable” category are increasingly sold outside the professional channel. With Clementine you can embrace those products, while integrating this in the high quality service that your clinic provides. There is enough hard data that proves that once people have made the decision to purchase a hearing product (any), it speeds up the path to purchase a full hearing aid. You can use Clementine effectively to promote sales. This can be done via our TV Amplifier Try-before-you-Buy” module, where people, after taking a screening can select products and sound environments and experience for themselves if they can benefit from this product. You could even import the audiogram from NOAH, if your Clementine version is integrated with your Practice Management System.

#3 It is efficient!

In a lot of different markets, clinics will offer a complimentary hearing exam to the general public. Obviously with the logical thought of lowering the barrier for new patients to talk about their suspected hearing loss and establishing a relationship of trust between patient and provider, necessary to take the next step. Although this is a great service, it is also a costly one, In some clinics up to half the time of the provider can be absorbed be providing complimentary hearing exams. A self administered screener can be used in a variety of ways to help reduce that burden on the practice. Here is how Clementine can help you to improve your workflow efficiency:

  • Clementine can run in your practice, but has proven to be super effective outside in satellite locations as well
  • Appointments can be scheduled real-time, directly into your agenda
  • People can take questionnaires that help to identify their needs and lifestyle
  • Check their insurance status
  • Simulate better hearing: Use the TryBeforeYouBuy module to let them virtually experience increased hearing performance
  • Screening results can immediately be imported into NOAH via the Practice Management System

In most cases, the hearing healthcare professional would already have a very good indication on the plan and instrument that is required for this patient. In other words: Clementine could be used to have people start a trial already at their first appointment as Clementine is collecting a lot of valuable information on forehand. Naturally, proper diagnostics are still required to validate that the indication is correct, so adjustments might still be necessary in some cases.

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