Clementine Kiosk & Portable Tablet:
Connecting people to your clinic!

  • EU’s Leading Screening Kiosk Solution

  • User-Friendly and reliable

  • Tailored advise and results

  • Up to 1000 new leads and 100 new customers per year, per location

  • Brand it your way: Fully branded solution with your logo and contact details on the kiosk, app and e-mails

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Reach & Qualify Patients

Attracting new patients can be a difficult and time consuming task. In a lot of cases, expensive advertisement or mailers are used to try to bring people into the clinic for a complimentary hearing test. In recent years, touch screen based hearing kiosks and portable hearing tests (screenings) have been introduced and they have proven to be effective.

Several methods have been tried to reach the large population of people that are in a need of help, but not aware of their problem or the benefits of wearing a hearing aid. A user-friendly and low-profile solution is needed to be able to convince these people to take a short test.
Clementine helps you to find the right strategy for using a Kiosk or tablet and reaching these people.

  • A fast and user-friendly screening
  • Users can take screenings independently, without any guidance
  • Super easy to understand advise (both written and visualized)
  • Provides immediate answers to FAQs to help with awareness
  • Immediately schedule an appointment
  • Available in 8 languages (number of languages is rapidly growing)

  • Capture any contact information the you want
  • Optional: Try Before You Buy app to experience improved hearing
  • Practice Management Software integration

Build a relationship

Increasingly, more practices are seeing that there is an opportunity and often a need to reach and help more people in their area. The Clementine Kiosk helps you to reach and qualify these people. In addition, there’s a huge need for building a relationship with these people, as the majority waits for 7 years (on average) before visiting a clinic. Becoming aware of hearing loss and the need for a solution is a process.

Automated follow up builds a relationship with future patients
Clementine helps you to automatically start building a relationship with these people and guide them through this process. The platform informs these future patients in your branding and builds a relationship so that you can be sure that these people will visit your clinic as soon as they’re ready for purchasing a solution.

The Secure and Scalable solution

The Clementine hearing test is developed in accordance with the ANSI and IEC Standards. The devices use calibrated headphones to get to reliable results.

The Clementine platform is fully GDPR compliant and running on secure Microsoft Azure servers.

Scalable & Easy to maintain
Devices can anywhere and anytime being managed remotely: Easily make changes to the look and feel, text or logos via the Clementine portal.
Clementine is a global-oriented platform and is therefore available in multiple languages. Users optionally have the ability to switch language in the app.

  • Clementine can run in your practice, but has proven to be super effective outside in satellite or 3rd party locations as well
  • Appointments can be scheduled real-time, directly into your agenda
  • People can take questionnaires that help to identify their needs and lifestyle
  • Check their insurance status
  • Simulate better hearing: Use the TryBeforeYouBuy module to let them virtually experience increased hearing performance
  • Screening results can immediately be imported into NOAH via the Practice Management System

What Clementine can do for you

  • Reach new patients
  • Build and maintain a personal relationship with leads and new patients, digitally & automated
  • Easy to use
  • High ROI
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