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  • Hearing Consultation

  • For new clients

  • Remotely from home, no need to visit your practice


Clementine Home

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Continue serving new clients, even though they cannot visit your store.

  • Secure case

  • User-friendly and easy to ship to people who cannot visit your practice

  • For conducting a remote intake:
    Unassisted via the user-friendly app or assisted via video consultation

Combine Clementine Home now with the Web Screening for your website, during COVID-19 for free!

Clementine Web Screening is a hearing check that can easily be added to your website. This way you can allow people in your community to take an initial hearing check.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we came up with a basic version of the Web Screening that is available for every audiology practice to install on their website, for free.

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Web Screening for free

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