Welcome To Clementine

Clementine is a hearing app platform, that is designed to help companies in the audiology field, such as audiology retail and manufacturers, to bring their services in line with technology trends and new patients demands. Our system can support any service model that a firm develops via any channel.

Clementine has brought together a wealth of experience in the hearing industry, software industry along with emerging technologies.

About our products

Clementine is a fully modular platform that allows for combining the different Clementine products with other software solutions to optimize the company processes.
The Cloud-portal is the management portal of Clementine. It allows for managing any customer product, data or processes – such as marketing or services processes – running on the Clementine platform. The Cloud-portal can be approached via a secure connection in your internet browser. The Cloud-portal also allows you to review data and generatie date or customer reports.
You can install Clementine on any device that runs on Windows (8.1 or up). This can be a tablet, desktop, notebook or laptop. You can easily configure the desktop to run as a self administered kiosk or, if you are using it within your clinic, you can choose a different configuration. The Clementine desktop application is connected to the internet, but does not need to be online all the time. It can work offline and during that time, data will be stored locally. Once the application is online again, it will update the cloud database automatically. Updates to the Clementine desktop will happen at a time you can select, or when you restart the application.
Clementine offers a full mobile platform for end users that can run apps in IOS and Android. The app has a free version, but with a password and login that you provide to your patients, they can unlock additional features and are now recognized by Clementine as your patient. Through the portal or your Practice Management Software, you can manage what information and services you want to share with your patients. The Clementine Mobile Hearing app allows end-users to manage and adjust their own hearing devices and to stay in contact with their hearing professional.
The web interface can be added to clinic’ websites to allow their customers to manage their own products and have access to clinic services via the clinic website.

And the services we offer

The Clementine databases and portal are set up as a cloud service provider. They can be accessed via a secure, encrypted connection via any web interface or can integrate with any known industry software solution.
As Clementine is set up to operate as an international platform, it will have to adhere to different privacy guidelines that are in force in the various territories. As Clementine is continuously expanding, this information will be updated. For the European Union this means that it adheres to the following guidelines:
o IEC 27001
o General Data Protection and Privacy Regulation
A wide variety of measures have been taken to assure that data is secured. The main elements are that:
o all data is encrypted, in the database, locally and during transport
o Clementine is hosted by Microsoft Azure, one of the recognized leaders in hosting cloud applications and security.
The Clementine platform is multilingual. Languages can easily be added via the gateway. The Clementine desktop application can show two languages.
Almost all content can be modified and published via the portal or via an integration with industry software solutions.