Connecting consumers to hearing products and services

How you might know Clementine

What we do

Clementine helps retail for consumer audio or hearing solutions to bring their marketing, services and product offering in line with technology trends and new patients demands. It’s the only platform that brings together all stakeholders in the field of audio products and services: From the manufacturer to the end-user and from universities to retail.


Retail can fully organize and automate it’s marketing, via new and proven tools for lead generation, customer awareness and marketing conversion. Given the available data in the platform and the PMS/OMS integration it is the fastest possible way to attract new customers or interact with exisisting customers.


End-users are expecting nothing but the best and digitally available service from retail. Clementine can be fully set up to deliver service to any level of digitalization and automation aligned with the goals and needs of the retail organization. This way retail can offer the exact same service level in-store, via the web or via mobile.

How we do it


An easy-to-use Kiosk allowing for quick and reliable screening of (prospective) customers’ hearing profile. It offers apps for lead generation and awareness campaigns) and – in the future- will be offering extended features allowing the kiosk to be used as a stand-alone remote service point.

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Via a mobile app, customers can be targeted for marketing activities or they can use it as a mobile service point: Take hearing tests, virtually experience hearing product, view all relevant product information, control products, request support, schedule appointments, etc.

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Via Clementine Web, retail can offer Clementine marketing and services via their own website, making their website interactive and ultimately customer-centric.