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Connecting consumers to hearing products and services

How you might know Clementine

What we do

500 million people are globally suffering from hearing loss, of whom 80% do not have a solution for their hearing loss.

Clementine digitally bridges the gap in between people in need of a hearing solution and hearing care providers.

How we do it


An easy-to-use Kiosk allowing for quick and reliable screening of (prospective) customers’ hearing profile. It offers apps for lead generation and awareness campaigns) and – in the future- will be offering extended features allowing the kiosk to be used as a stand-alone remote service point.


Via Clementine Web, audiology practices can offer hearing screenings on their own website, in their own branding. This web app allows you to turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.


Conduct hearing aid intakes remotely via sending Clementine Home to potential clients that you would normally invite for an appointment in your practice.


Via a mobile app, customers can be targeted for marketing activities or they can use it as a mobile service point: Take hearing tests, virtually experience hearing product, view all relevant product information, control products, request support, schedule appointments, etc.

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