Samplified Audio announced today that Erik Altena and Dr. Christopher Schweitzer have joined the company per January 1, 2018. Erik Altena will be CEO for Samplified Europe and be responsible for the European market development. Dr. Christopher Schweitzer will join as non-executive director and Chief Audiology Advisor. Both will also be joining the Samplified Audio team at the Holland Pavilion at CES 2018, Eureka Park.


Erik Altena is an experienced business leader and industry expert with more than 10 years’ experience in the hearing health industry. Erik has been CEO of ExSilent where he was responsible for many successful partnerships within the existing hearing aid market and emerging hearing markets, including a very successful OTC Hearing business case.

Samplified CEO Mark Kaal: “Erik has an innovative vision on the future augmented hearing market and product development which is very complementary to the vision of Samplified. Erik’s knowledge about the market development of hearing OTC concepts will support Samplified and its growing number of  industry partners to achieve significant growth with the Clementine and Clementine Wear platform”.


Dr. Christopher Schweitzer is a well accredited industry expert in the field of audiology and augmented hearing technology, based in Boulder (Co). In this field he has taken on many roles: as researcher, lecturer, dispensing audiology, technology consultant, author and public speaker. Over the years he has been instrumental for many emerging technologies and companies to enter the hearing health market, both in the USA and Internationally.

Samplified CEO Mark Kaal: “Chris was already instrumental to our company as project leader for our Clementine Wear audio platform winning the NSF Hearables Challenge last Summer. With the US audiology market preparing for the introduction of OTC hearing products it is crucial for our US audiology partners that bridges are created between this emerging category and the existing hearing healthcare infrastructure. The Clementine platform and dr. Schweitzers’ experience will be of tremendous value helping to achieve this”.


About Samplified Audio: Samplified has developed the Clementine platform, a unique solution to serve the growing market for augmented hearing. The Award winning Clementine Wear platform can be implemented in a very wide portfolio of hardware products and the Clementine business network creates the opportunity to connect the retailer with the hardware manufacturer and vice versa. To complete the picture, the Clementine retail platform is the marketing solution that supports hearing clinics via kiosks, mobile app and clinic web access in attracting new patients and increase service opportunities with the current patients.

Samplified Audio is a three continent team, with a head office in Amstelveen, the Netherlands and locations in Boulder (Co), Lanaken (Belgium), Mississauga (Canada) and Dalian (China).