Clementine WEAR: The #1 Audio Product Platform supporting consumer high-end hearables

Clementine Wear is a unique audio platform that is capable of delivering personalized audio: A wide range of (consumer) audio products that can be personalized and optimized to an end users’ unique audio profile. The platform allows for OTC and assisted selling and servicing of Hearables and consumer audio products. Products that can fully be serviced via the Clementine app on end users’ mobile devices.

Smart audio, with a personal touch

Clementine Wear offers personalized hearing experiences for consumers in many circumstances via their hearables or wireless earphones: While being in traffic, at home, while visiting a concert or being at work. The market for these products is growing rapidly, Clementine allows manufacturers to offer a full product suite, retail to launch and service their own hearables and consumer to control their own hearable: All embedded in one platform: Clementine Wear!

Benefits for consumers:

  • Allows for controlling any sound environment
  • Prevent hearing damage if being over-exposed to loud noises
  • Assistive audio processing for mild to moderate hearing loss
How can Wear boost your business?


Your Personalized audio experience:
Meet SnowOwl !

This is where your personalized audio experience starts: The SnowOwl, allowing you to enjoy personalized audio with any hearable, earplug or headphone!

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The world is changing, Clementine Wear is the #1 platform allowing personalized audio: Anywhere, anytime

  • Wireless earphones and headphones
  • Wearables: Body worn devices
  • Smart watches
  • Home audio: Via your home entertainment system
  • Car audio