In a broad variance of every-day situations people but also Siri, Alexa, Cortana and other AI assistants are experiencing difficulties with understanding voice in noisy environments. Think about talking to someone in a bar, a lecture hall or any place where there are people. As a result, currently separated industries are fast moving towards a new market: Augmented Hearing, mostly via fancy Hearable gadgets. The Augmented Hearing Market is fast growing stretching to Hearing Impaired, Occupational usage, Sports, Entertainment, Traffic, Travelling, Security, Voice/AI. Speech-in-Noise is the most dominant application group, especially since President Trump signed the OTC Hearing Aid Act this Summer, allowing hearables (consumer audio products) to be sold for hearing improvement rather than hearing aids only.

Augmented Hearing on its face value looks like a hardware market, but the increased possibilities of AI, IoT, new network and wireless standards (5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) will quickly move it towards a software- and a service market. That is where the Cloud based Clementine Wear AHaaS platform comes in. The only Augmented Hearing-as-a-Service (AHaaS) platform in the world. Clementine Wear, recently won the USA National Science Foundation’s Hearable Challenge and will be presented by Samplified at the Holland Pavilion during CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Clementine works with consumer audio manufacturers to integrate the platform in their products enabling them to offer products with superior sound in noise capabilities.

From the smallest, almost invisible to the bigger body worn products: Clementine Wear gives manufacturers many design choices. During the CES Samplified will present the SnowOwl, a wearable product that adds augmented hearing to any consumer audio earbud (both wired and Bluetooth earbuds). It is attractive to many types of channels as a basis for Augmented Hearing products and services offering: Audiology, Pharmacy, Medical, Health Insurances, Mobile Telecom and Consumer Electronics are amongst the most interesting ones. Channels can adjust the platform to their needs as it can handle various ways of products and services offering, from DIY/OTC to HIPAA (USA Medical Privacy Act) compliant Counselled Sales.

The Samplified team consists of people with strong entrepreneurial, market, research and technology backgrounds covering all relevant bases with representatives in the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium and China. 2017 has been an overwhelming year for the team as it has won the National Hearables Challenge, organized by the USA National Science Foundation. In addition, Samplified has signed many partnerships and agreements concerning sales, supply chain, manufacturing and IP, with mostly well-known International companies and universities.

Come to our booth (Holland Pavilion – booth 51522, Eureka Park, Sands, Level 1) and we will show you how, in an extremely noisy environment, our solution enables you to have a real conversation.

We make Hearables Hear!